Soulland AW22 : Original Memory

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Launched in 2002 as a way for artistic director Silas Alder to expose its take on the “modern clothing brand”, the label has adopted a conscious and ethical vision : sustainability both at work and at heart. Questioning the need its customers have for new clothing before letting them purchase, Soulland takes pride in disclosing its initiatives. Tackling one of the fashion industry’s biggest point of secrecy, the label even divulge the origin, composition and supplier of every piece of fabric used on its garments thanks to a dedicated page of its website.

Putting the emphasis on a walk down memory lane for this autumn, the Scandinavian brand presented the third volume of its book-inspired saga at Copenhagen Fashion Week yesterday.  “The subject of the autobiography is not defined and maybe it’s not important? If Soulland was a person maybe this is Soulland writing a book about [itself],” declared Alder, probably thinking of his own two decades of carrer in fashion. “In that case, [it] would look back at almost 20 years of ups and downs and try to go back and dwell on what worked and what didn’t. And like a true autobiography, Soulland would ignore some of the mistakes that would be better forgotten.”

Diving into these many years of archive, DNA and inspiration, Alder’s take on 2022 echoes with new dimensions and words of beauty. Through modern and comfortable silhouettes, the designer vows to reflect the softness that can be found in streetwear. Puffer jackets, knits and elegant yet down-to-earth two-piece suits compliment this cozy ideal with shadows of steel and clouds. Celebrating its joys, harsh mistakes and successes, the brand explodes, this season, in many details of lengthy sleeves,  orangey hints and layered materials.

Rejuvenating its past in a promising start of the season, Soulland brings us trends we cannot wait to see flooding down the streets of the Danish capital.

See collection below :

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