Holzweiler ss22 : skål to life, skål to fashion

Conveying an immeasurable longing for innovation, Holzweiler’s perspective on Spring / Summer 2022 left a crowd of online viewers avid for new experiences. Dubbed “In Transit”, this collection acted as a step towards the future, as the brand shared its hope to change its ways. “We are heading in a different direction, and we really hope that our customers will take our garments and style them in their own way; and that we can contribute with some personality within the clothes.” As this edition of Copenhagen Fashion Week was back to an in-person schedule, the Oslo based brand took an opportunity to acknowledge our need to go beyond the ordinary : a call to travel as a mind and heart opener, taking us on a journey of discovery, but also on a search for new ways and means to the pursuit of inspiration. Portraying this collection through a cathartic youtube video, Holzweiler expressed all things regret, love and hope, from sharing a universal take on the world’s current situation to showcasing once common scenes such as group gatherings. The emphasis put on this transition period, designers Maria Skappel Holzweiler and Duy Dinh Ngo pasted their own need to experience on timeless yet peculiar runway details, illustrating their personal version of Copenhagen’s street style at its greatest. Introducing their collection’s first look, a playful model jumped on the Øresund Bridge, one linking Denmark with Sweden and once again symbolising the brand’s reach for state-of-the-art encounters with life. Crossing this bridge in a form of syllepsis, Holzweiler depicted a way to jump to the other side of this Covid-filled year among a physically representative venue. The clothes constituted a midsummer dream, allying comfort with style, a quality Scandinavian creatives are notorious for. Through soft colours, relaxed tailoring and breezy fabrics, Holzweiler redefines the elation springing from warm summer days. Of course one could not forget to mention the expressive and towering hats worn by a bunch of models, taking this collection’s silhouettes to new heights. With models roaming the streets of an industrial looking Copenhagen, Holzweiler reveals its deepest inspirations, “the answer has been to explore the world through the eyes and handwritings of foreign friends and family.” And, ending its video with a glimpse of hope, the brand exhibited a world back to its normal state : Happiness and laughter as creatives, models and other contributors cheered for the return of in-person happenings with one sentence in mind, “Skål to life, skål to fashion.” See collection below :

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