Helmstedt ss22 : AHOY to the fields

Exploring the troubled waters of her own seaside dream, Emilie Helmstedt presented a charming take on Spring / Summer 2022. Playful as always, the collection dives in pastel coloured prints shaping the essence of an afternoon by the ocean, perhaps inspired by the designer’s newborn child. Called “AHOY”, a term commonly used by 18th century sailors to greet and draw the attention of other boats, Helmstedt’s ss22 carries its core through navy stripes, fish prints (some, less lucky, hanging from a model’s fishing rod) and sunflowers covering bodies from head to ankle. Hosted on a beach, models ran through this collection barefoot, channeling their inner child through any possible way. Always pushing her abilities to turn daily objects into fairytale props, the designer showcased a giant sunflower arising from a dreamy danish shipwreck and sea-wracked fishes soaring through a bright Copenhagen sky. While keeping up with her classic formula (hand-painted patterns and joyous colours), Helmstedt dug into artisan made accessories and collaborated with paper artist Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen in order to create flower-like head pieces, ornamenting the collection and tying all its details together, from water to land and from seas to fields. Unleashing the contemporary muses to a nautical adventure to dance on a decrepit boat, Emilie Helmstedt keeps pushing Scandinavian fashion to the front of the stage.

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