Heaven x Nodaleto : Tales of Play ground Love

Bulla Carlie Siera – 420EUR
Bulla Rei Kilt Nubuck – 305EUR
Knee Sock – 45EUR
Bulla Rei Raso – 305EUR
Bulla Carlie Nappa Colors – 420EUR
Bulla Rei Sierra – 305EUR

“Subversion, teenage daydreams, alienation nation, queer youth, psychedelic fantasia, girls who are boys and boys who are girls, those who are neither, negative space, day-glo dystopia, suburban euphoria …” Introducing a new line with eclectic inspirations, Marc Jacobs made every 90’s fan’s dream come true and tackled on new muses with HEAVEN. Initiated in September 2020, the line presents a playful turn on individuality and polycentric states of dress. Deeply related to subcultures and queer creatives such as Cindy Sherman, the brand adresses a younger audience and retails between $35 and $395, rendering these high end pieces attainable for a larger group of buyers.Because Heaven is Jacobs’ outlet for creativity and vintage passions, it was not surprising to the public the brand would go to new extents in an awaited collaboration. Deemed “polysexual” in the past, Jacobs now unveils feminine sides to his line through the eyes of Nodaleto’s Julia Toledano and Olivier Leone. Defined by an elegant take on a chunky heels, Nodaleto thrives on daring premises and works with the idea of a 90’s teenage dream, revealing a modern coming of age uniform through this brilliant collaboration. The collection, versatile and colourful, is witness of the deeper affiliation between these two vintage pioneers in modern fashion. Heading towards the same direction, it has been revealed both teams were brainstorming a possible link between their brands, and had been thinking about collaborating (courtesy of WWD). Unveiling this capsule collection under the name “Playground Love”, Nodaleto presented heeled plaid Mary Janes and high boots said to retail for almost half the brand’s regular pricing – as low as $360. “This is obviously a dream come true,’ Said Toledano, founder of the Brand. “It’s very pop. We’re alike in the sense that we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and that’s why we were really able to have fun with this project.” Shot in a French school by photographer Hugo Comte, the campaign reveals a teenage storytelling revealing high schoolers running down corridors or hiding in bathroom stalls, their shoes peeping out. “In terms of our brand positioning, we could not have dreamed of a better collaboration because Marc Jacobs was a defining designer of the 1990s and 2000s and he revolutionised luxury,” added Leone, co-founder and artistic director of the brand.Playful, modern and as per usual chunky, this capsule will be available to purchase online through both Nodaleto and Jacobs’ websites and in selected retail points starting September 20th : a collection on its way to become cult for collectors. 

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