Replica by Margiela campaign

A visual mechanising class assignment led my team mates and I to have a photoshoot to promote Maison Margiela’s perfume line, REPLICA. Held at the Palais de l’Opéra Garnier in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, this session solely included garments from the brand and its more affordable alternative, MM6.

Nodaleto event

School work about choosing a brand and coming up with an event for their communication plan. My brand of choice was Nodaleto and the event i planned would take place on the top floor of the Pompidou Center in Paris. It would be a way to celebrate both the launch of their spring 21 collection and the Paris store opening they have been teasing on instagram.

1841 – Issue 2

This second issue of our class magazine revolved around the brand Helmstedt and had to be shorter, as our assignment mainly focused on the marketing part of the project. The brand chosen for a collaboration was obvious, as the Danish label is extremely cohesive with our magazine’s identity : joyous and bright, always colourful. Here you will find the magazine and our communication and marketing strategies !


This Nodaleto x Lynnie Z collaboration was created for my sector of the accessory class. Being the premises to a later work in which we would have to create the shoe from start to beginning (Melkj x WIFE), this project required for us to select a brand and transform one of their icons into something new with the help of an artist.

The Roaring Twenties : A few steps from the Femme Fatale

Last semester, a fashion history & sociology class required for us to create an exhibition based on two of the followings : the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. This project needed to be based off the narrative our exhibitions would follow, and my theme dealt with two eras not so far from each other, in terms of the attitude women adopted. The different parts of this work are meant to act as prompts visitors of the exhibition can read along their visit.

Melkj x WIFE : Shoe collaboration

For this school project, we had to come up with a collaboration between a brand we had created, and an artist of our choice. I chose to collaborate with WIFE, a botanical studio from Brooklyn, NY, directed by artist Sophie Parker. The goal was to develop a prototype for a pair of trainers, creating it with what we had on hands. The idea was simple : turning her work into an abstract piece that could be transplanted onto leather. In addition to this, a draft of a marketing plan, as well as packaging ideas were added to the slides.

1841 – An ESMOD Magazine

1841 was created when, put in a group by our communication teacher, three of my classmates and I had to choose a project for a magazine. The concept came to us in the most natural way it could have : A magazine by the people, and for the people. Dedicated to the students of ESMOD, our school, it defies what being a fashion student means today, on our campus, but also more generally in Paris, and in the world. The first edition was created during the second lockdown France went through, and was released in December of last year (2020). A outlet for student’s creativity in the uncertain times we’re living.