Daniela Colaiacovo & Sustainable Jewellery

Amidst the many actors of the highly polluting gold mine industry stands one woman attempting to change it all. When Daniela Coloaiacovo first travelled to South America in the early 2000’s, introducing sustainable practices in this area was a concept that had yet to be heard of. Being the third biggest cause of deforestation worldwide, mining usually leaves behind its trails child labour, waste and dangerous chemicals. Raising ethical concerns about the many ways it hurt local communities, Colaiacovo began her journey to better this industry while helping workers – particularly female ones.

Fabric Behaviour : Greek Insurrection and Wet Dresses

Showcased in 1986, John Galliano’s “Fallen Angel” collection became part of a millennium narrative by the extreme sheerness of one of its key pieces. Before mesh, silk organza or any fabric used to play on transparency, raciness in fashion was indeed channeled through a different media. From greek marble to cotton voile, dresses of all time conveyed the brazen tales of their wearers, emphasising the importance of clothing in art.

SS22 : How Dune is Changing Fashion

“Everyday we hear the echos of scientific apocalypses that predict the collapse of balance within our ecosystems, but we don’t seem to feel its pain, living fully convinced that our mastering of technology ensures we no longer have a need for nature. […] Humanity has always had a tendency to defy the gods,” declared Denis Villeneuve in his preface to Dune’s newest print edition. While the 2021 film was eagerly anticipated throughout its Covid caused tardiness, it would seem fashion houses have already taken its costumes’ codes by storm.

Hobnob Journal : An Ode to Autumn Wardrobes

“Pyjamas were cool before cool was a thing,” writes Fanny Ekstrand, co-founder of Hobnob Journal. In an attempt to challenge the stay at home culture forced on us these past two years, the Swedish content creator and her associate Linn Eklund created, in collaboration with Gina Tricot, a capsule collection vowing to be the perfect autumn wardrobe while rethinking essentials.

Gucci Aria : Måneskin and sensuality

“Even words are clothes that we decide to wear, after all. Clothes that tie again mind and body in an erotic weaving that connects us to the flesh of the world,” declared Alessandro Michele about Gucci Aria’s latest campaign. Celebrating the acclaimed label’s 100th anniversary, Eurovision 2021 winners Måneskin were chosen to represent the brand’s erotic innuendos through memorable Gucci looks.