• Daniela Colaiacovo & Sustainable Jewellery
    Amidst the many actors of the highly polluting gold mine industry stands one woman attempting to change it all. When Daniela Coloaiacovo first travelled to South America in the early 2000’s, introducing sustainable practices in this area was a concept that had yet to be heard of. Being the third biggest cause of deforestation worldwide, mining usually leaves behind its trails child labour, waste and dangerous chemicals. Raising ethical concerns about the many ways it hurt local communities, Colaiacovo began her journey to better this industry while helping workers – particularly female ones.
  • Massimo Mariotti on the journeys of Fashion
    Welcomed by Rome’s brand new Soho House for the first event of its kind in this location, Sapienza’s fashion students had the chance to meet renowned designer Massimo Mariotti this Friday. We asked him a couple of questions about the current state of fashion.
  • Hot Pink is Back And It Is Here To Stay
    Wrapped up a few days ago, fashion week season brought to our attention a simple fact : hot pink has nine lives and intends to use them all. Here is everything you need to know about this vibrant and joyous hue.
  • PH5 AW22 : Sea and Space
    New York’s fashion week is home of innovation and street style. This season,, American label PH5 challenged knitwear to its core with cozy layers of bright wool dancing through imaginative sceneries.
  • Playful campaign : Simone Rocha
    French photographer Mateo Blancher presents a lively take on a Simone Rocha Campaign inspired by Renaissance art and fuelled by creatives Oded Zamir, Jessica Jarvis and Jeanne Davies.