1841 – Issue 2

This second issue of our class magazine revolved around the brand Helmstedt and had to be shorter, as our assignment mainly focused on the marketing part of the project. The brand chosen for a collaboration was obvious, as the Danish label is extremely cohesive with our magazine’s identity : joyous and bright, always colourful.

Please keep in mind that because we could not interview Emilie Helmstedt, founder of the brand, we took an interview of her from another magazine to put in ours. Same goes with the issue’s cove, which she did not design for 1841 but for ELLE Danemark (January issue), and for the photo of the pop up store, which is taken from Helmstedt’s LVMH Prize store.

Check out the last two images for our communication and marketing strategies, which focus around our chosen cause : helping fashion students in times of pandemic.

Disclaimer : This magazine was made in collaboration with two of my classmates, Carla Pillet-Anquetin & Maya Easum.


Marketing & Communication strategy